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Pokemon Movie 10: The Rise of Darkrai (PG) DVD

Pokemon Movie 10: The Rise of Darkrai (PG) DVD
Ash may think he's seen everything when it comes to Pokémon, but is he ready to face the mysterious Darkrai in his latest awesome adventure? While on their way to a Pokémon Contest, our adventurers pass through Alamos Town, home of the Time-Space Tower. With the beautiful Alice, Ash and his friends discover that something is causing terrible nightmares for Pokémon and people alike! Baron Alberto, a dashing but arrogant fellow, immediately blames this turn of events on Darkrai. As if it just overheard the accusation, Darkrai appears and confronts our heroes!

Who is Darkrai? Is it a fiend or a friend? As the sky tears above Alamos Town and Legendary Pokémon Dialga and Palkia struggle through the rips in a newly created dimension, their ensuing battle threatens to tear a hole in the time-space continuum! Will Ash and his friends survive this showdown and learn Darkrai's true nature?

Publisher: Manga
Released: April 15th 2019
Classification: PG
Language: English
Subtitles: English
Running Time: 89mins
Product Code MANG5890
Retail price: £5.99
Our price: £4.99